919 South Utah Avenue

Idaho Falls, ID - 83402

Phone: 208 561 2286

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Sensor Medica Italy
Global Headquarter

Via Umberto Agnelli 11

00012 Guidonia Montecelio 


Phone: +39 0774 356165


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Over 25 years experience in the fields of biomechanics, posturography and posture.

Our team study, design and develop entirely in Italy high-tech products and software for research, medical and sports markets, offering a real evolution in diagnostic systems, for improving human biomechanical function and balance.

Sensor Medica technology is actually available in 48 countries with over 8,000 software licenses purchased and 500 CNC milling systems working.

Thanks to a commitment to ongoing research, we can produce sensor systems among the most advanced in the world: from the most evolved detection systems, to the most complete analysis software, all completely integrated with cad-cam orthotic production.  

We constantly work to update our technology and products to ensure that they are among the most advanced and innovative in the world.