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Sensor Medica

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CNC Milling Machines 

Milling Machines for CAD-CAM Orthotic Production

Vulcan CNC systems are professional machines exclusively developed for producing CAD-CAM custom orthotics.

Completely designed and manufactured in Italy, they are created for high workloads and are for particularly high operating speeds.

The choice of high quality materials and the accurate care in assembly ensure high performance without any maintenance.

Vulcan Vx1 

Vx1 is a machine with 3-axes and a single spindle.

High speed and power for producing a pair of orthotics in as little as 7-8 minutes.

cnc orthotic milling machine

Vulcan twinCAM

twinCAM, unique in the world, has

4-axes and two independent spindles that work simultaneously on both feet with asymmetrical motors.

One pair of orthotics created in nearly 4 minutes.