Custom Dynamic Orthotics

Central Fabrication Lab

Our cutting edge sensor technologies allow us to design the best foot orthotics by objectively understanding the abnormalities and stresses while the foot is under load and in motion. 

Our gait and pressure systems give the most accurate objective dynamic data of the foot under load and while in motion, plus offer the option to incorporate this data into orthotic design.

Fabrication Process:

  1. Customers upload patient dynamic data from our Software or any 3D scanning App to our Cloud orthotic ordering portal,

  2. select the type of orthotic, the type of material and top cover,

  3. track the order status to control each single step of their order. 

We do all the rest. 

The analysis data and prescription are reviewed by a staff board certified podiatrist and fully designed and finished by our team and sent back to you.

Free Shipping  -  7/10 day turn time


iPad & Structure Sensor

With Structure Sensor, the 3D model of the foot is obtained through a pocket-sized all-in-one computer vision powerhouse, with onboard wide vision camera, stereo infrared, onboard DSP. 

Our App is including a prescription order form with the choice of material and cover.

direct milled


Podoscan 3D

Podoscan 3D has a precision of 1mm, allows acquisition of foot image in off load, semi load and under load.

Podoscan 3D acquire also the foot cast inside a foam box, cleans the image and automatically identify left and right foot.

Plaster, STS, Foambox

We accept any and all forms of traditional casting methods for the production of custom foot orthotics.  Thanks to Podoscan 3D we can digitize and import any method into our easyCAD modeling software and casts are stored forever.

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