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Custom Orthotics

Improved Custom Orthotics

The typical process for orthotics involves putting the patient’s foot into a mold and then using that as a form from which to build a foot insert to correct a walking issue or development adjustment. This is a bit of an old-fashioned approach, but it has worked for decades. However, the accuracy of the mold leaves room for improvement.

When one has a computer apply the necessary measurements to product custom orthotics, the level of accuracy improves exponentially. And the results not only fit the foot much better, they also improve the correction and adjustment far more as well.

Sensor Medica provides an advanced approach to custom orthotics using a technological advantage that previous podiatrists and foot doctors did not have at their disposal.

Why obtain orthotics still produced the traditional way? Use Sensor Medica’s advantage for your walk and gait improvement.

The difference is both visible and amazing when compared to old method orthotics production in Idaho Falls ID.


Specialty Orthotics Are Available in Town


What’s the difference between a simple shoe fitting and an advanced specialty orthotics treatment? It’s very much associated with significant improvement of how one walks and carries their weight. Specialty orthotics take on the far more advanced needs of walking and foot mobility correction and adjustment.

However, if the approach uses traditional methods of producing the orthotic aid, the results can leave room for error.

With a computerized measurement approach, however, the error or variance possibility is far, far less. Sensor Medica’s approach is very much rooted in software and computer analysis, and that produces a high grade specialty orthotics aid for a patient. And when your walk affects your life and how you get around, that can be a big impact.

Sensor Medica can provide you a new bridge to how your gait can be improved, which in turn improves your interaction with travel, movement, destinations, and functioning in general.


CAD-CAM Orthotics Improves Medical Design


When orthotics are designed with an approach towards specificity, the difference can be seen in multiple ways. And that difference comes together in how the orthotics are developed. With a computer approach, a CAD/CAM file can be created.

That in turn catches specific, amazing detail in the shape and final fit approach of the orthotics aid produced. It’s a light-speed leap from the old style approach towards producing gait and walking aids.

Sensor Medica brings into play all the critical technology needed to produce an orthotics CAD/CAM file design. And when that’s done, the results are orthotics aids that fit your feet perfectly while making the necessary corrections and adjustments needed.

Sensor Medica brings all of this possibility together with their equipment, expertise and knowledge.

When you try out their orthotics service, you’re going to wonder why not working with Sensor Medica before was in your considerations when obtaining walking improvements.

919 South Utah Avenue

Idaho Falls, ID 83402 - USA

Phone: 208-561-2286

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