easyCAD Insole

3D modeling software for foot orthotics production.

easyCAD Insole software was been developed for designing and producing foot custom orthotics.  It's a very powerful, professional, user friendly interface and it is the perfect combination between classic orthopedic techniques and modern technology of milling.​

Through the development of tools for self-modeling, object library and predefined templates, it simplifies the design process improving the workflow of professionals at different stages of orthotic production.​

easyCAD manages a database of patients and projects, facilitates the sending and receiving of data between the production labs and its customers.

It has an independent management of materials and top covers. It has a complete dashboard to draw to modify and customize the various templates.


  • patient data tab management;

  • projects sending/receiving;

  • user-friendly 3D modeling interface;

  • real time rendering;

  • freehand drawing tools;

  • wide library of 3D elements for forefoot, middle foot and rearfoot;

  • technical self-modeling and rapid design tools;

  • minimum and maximum thickness automatic correction;

  • 9 shoe templates for customized orthotics;

  • patient foot data importing from pressure sensor systems;

  • patient foot data importing from 3D and 2D scanners;

  • data sheet and declaration of conformity auto-compilation;

  • integrated machine trails generator, no other software is required;

  • export/import of data in standard STL format;

  • tool path exporting in ISO G-CODE, Isel NCP, XYZ formats

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