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Motion Analysis Biomechanics

Motion Analysis Biomechanics Understands You Better

When a patient is put into the review process of motion analysis biomechanics evaluation, it’s not just the simple function of moving that is evaluated.

The force, pressure, angle and fluidity of motion all come into play as well. And how the patient produces motion is evaluated and measured in a hundred different processes thanks to technology, far more than what one would get with a standard physician’s evaluation by eye alone.

The results produce a full range of metrics and benchmarks on where the patient is with motion, whether the results are within reasonable expectations, or if something else is going on that needs closer attention.

Sensor Medica in Idaho Falls and their team of specialists provide patients this entire portfolio of high end analysis on a regular basis.

The days of just eye-balling a biomechanical issue are over. The computerized health age has arrived, and Sensor Medica is making available to patients every day.


Motion Analysis Software Sees the Invisible


Software can run amazing calculations and algorithms at a far greater capacity, speed and extent than most people can produce in years. And that kind of power can be applied with motion analysis software and biomechanical evaluation.

The results provide information that both experts and patients can use right away to make mobility improvements that would otherwise be missed.

Sensor Medica’s motion analysis software systems are some of the best available in the mobility arena, providing patients a cutting edge approach towards walking and gait analysis as well as body motion exam.

Given these kinds of advanced benefits, why anyone would settle for traditional foot medicine reviews in a basic medical office is puzzling. And with online capabilities, Sensor Medica’s programs can produce very quick data turnarounds as well as accessing measurement analysis that can produce a range of health benefits in services, treatment and assistance products.