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Orthotics Sports Medicine

Orthotics Sports Medicine Provides Local Athlete Support

Some of the top athletic medicine focuses on what the feet are doing.

Whether the athlete is a runner, a weight lifter or a boxer, how one walks, stands and moves affects performance greatly.

It’s no surprise then that orthotics sports medicine is a major area good athletes pay attention to for insuring their game play is up to par or can be improved.

Sensor Medica partners with all types of sports programs to help related athletes perform better, comfortably and without pain in their feet.

And once a patient works with Sensor Medica, ongoing support also helps address changes that occur over time.

This is especially important with children and young people who are still growing and developing.

To find out more connect with Sensor Medica today, and learn about how their systems evaluation is performed, how therapy is applied, and how their in-house orthotics programs can produce sports aids that improve capabilities with proper motion and form.


Your Local Custom Foot Orthotic Labs in Town


Having a production lab onsite easily makes Sensor Medica in Idaho Falls a standout. Patients don’t have to deal with a test review and then waiting weeks for orthotics aids to arrive.

Sensor Medica’s custom foot orthotic labs are available onsite and the results are produced far faster.

Additionally, due to the fact that evaluations and measurements are taken electronically, patients get orthotic aids that are exact to their feet measurements versus a mold which can have errors or variation. There’s no need to keep settling for a lower standard in orthotics review any longer.

Sensor Medica advances foot orthotics into a technology science with amazing results for patients. And with that kind of improvement, patients will be able to enjoy their lives and mobility far more and with better assistance that with other choices on the market.

Sensor Medica is bring the future in foot health to the present with their orthotics labs and computer design approach. Take advantage of it.

919 South Utah Avenue

Idaho Falls, ID 83402 - USA

Phone: 208-561-2286

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