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Can Movement Analysis Software Help You?

Are you suffering from hip, leg, and back pain, but can't figure out why? Do you know that your gait can be the culprit?? If you've suffered an injury or certain medical conditions, it can throw off your gain. The way that you walk impacts the rest of your body. Your entire alignment may be off, and you wouldn't know. Movement analysis software can pinpoint the exact issues with your gait to help come up with a treatment plan for you. If you are concerned about the way that you walk, run, or your balance, it's time to search for a 'gait specialist near me.'

Why Did You Fall and Is There Damage?

Elderly patients who have fallen can benefit from this type of analysis.

  • It can show the underlying reasons for the fall. Some of the causes may not be readily visible during a regular inspection.

  • Damage that may have resulted from a fall can get detected during analysis.

  • Treatment plans are easy to come up with after a thorough examination.

  • Balance issues can get identified.

Enhance Athletic Performance

A gait analysis can get performed while walking or running. It will pick up on deficiencies in the way you walk or run. A shirt in posture or stance may be just what the athlete needs to enhance their performance. Elite athletes often have a gait analysis performed to help them become better and stay on top of their game.

Orthotics Created Just for You

Orthotics aren't going to do you as much good as they can if they are not custom-designed for you and the way that you walk. The analysis helps you make sure that the orthotics you get, enhance your foot and walking pattern. Orthotics can help ease foot pain and help you walk better when they are made just for you.

Your analysis may get completed in the office, or it may get placed in your shoe to get a reading as you go about your day. That often gets done for athletes who want to measure their gait while running. A gait analysis can do a lot to help diagnose foot and ankle issues, balance problems, back and leg pain, and posture issues. Advances in software make gait analysis more thorough and efficient. If you're concerned about the way that you walk and stand, having one done is a smart decision.

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