In-Shoe Pressure Sensors

Sensorized system evaluating foot pressures inside the shoes

FlexInFit has more than 420 resistive sensors.

The system allows you to perform precise analysis inside the patient's shoe.

Capable of streaming live or recording the data via SD card.

FlexInFit is a versatile system with many applications for different types of professionals:

    • foot specialist who wants to integrate in-shoe data into his gait analysis system,

    • physical therapist who wants to check the results of therapy

    • athletic trainer interested in the study and improve    sports movements,

    • physician interested in verifying the real pressure areas inside the shoe to prevent the formation of ulcers in diabetic patients.

freeStep analysis software allow you to use a synchronized camera in combination with the pressure in-shoe data to better understand the athlete movement.

​It can also be used to determine the efficacy of custom orthotic correction compared to barefoot data.​

Sensor insoles are all size 14 US long and can be cut according to the patient foot size.

It is totally wireless and junction box free, to avoid any kind of interference.

  • Bluetooth data transmission up to 100 meters in open space

  • Li-Po batteries, USB charge

  • Battery life up to 4 hours

  • Real time sampling frequency from 25 to 50 Hz on streaming - 250 Hz on SD card

  • Auto identification of foot size

  • Auto shut-off when unattended

  • 214 resistive sensors on each insole

  • Measurement scale: 0-100N/cm2

  • Sensitivity: 0.1N/cm2

  • 10 Bit resolution

  • Thickness 0,3mm

  • Material: polyester

  • Very flexible, can be cut to size and shape

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