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In-Shoe Pressure Sensors

Sensorized system evaluating foot pressures inside the shoes

FlexInFit has more than 400 resistive sensors.

The system allows you to perform precise analysis inside a patient's shoe. Capable of streaming live or recording the data via SD card.

FlexInFit is a versatile tool with many applications for many types of professionals:

    • foot specialist who wants to integrate in-shoe data into his gait analysis system,

    • physical therapist who wants to check the results of therapy

    • athletic trainer interested in the study and improvement of sports movements,

    • physician interested in verifying the real pressure points inside the shoe to prevent the formation of ulcers in diabetic patients.

​It can also be used to determine the efficacy of custom orthotic correction.​

It is totally wireless and junction box free, to avoid any kind of interference.



One patient daily generates a monthly income of $5,000 ($250x20 days)

Capital equipment monthly cost  =  $300

Allowable Tax Savings  =  $4,800

Return On Investment  =  1,566%

  • Bluetooth data transmission up to 100 meters in open space

  • Li-Po batteries, USB charge

  • Battery life up to 4 hours

  • Real time sampling frequency from 25 to 50 Hz on streaming - 250 Hz on SD card

  • Auto identification of foot size

  • Auto shut-off when unattended

  • 214 resistive sensors on each insole

  • Measurement scale: 0-100N/cm2

  • Sensitivity: 0.1N/cm2

  • 10 Bit resolution

  • Thickness 0,3mm

  • Material: polyester

  • Very flexible, can be cut to size and shape