3D Body Posture Evaluation

Innovative and unique device, Spine 3D is giving to any Specialist useful data to evaluate three dimensional body posture, spine rotation and back asymmetries.

Recommended for Pediatrics, Sport Medicine, Orthopedics, Podiatry, Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, O&P facilities.

Very useful in preventing future deformities and for the evaluation of pre/post treatments.

Spine 3D is the latest Sensor Medica device.  

Thanks to a markerless, radiation-free, non-invasive scanning method, it allows the 3D acquisition of the human back.  5 seconds acquisition allows the 3D Spine reconstruction.

Using a sophisticated neural algorithm, Spine 3D provides clinical parameters and complete information with an automatic generated report useful for diagnosing spinal deformities and posture problems.

Editable report compared to normal values.  Fast and easy exam. Touch screen monitor.

Very useful for screening children for scoliosis prevention and control as well as assessing chest braces and custom foot orthotics efficiency and correction.

Infrared acquisition (high speed ToF cameras), no problem with the room light, high accuracy (1mm). Electronic regulation of camera height, from children to tall people. Automatic detection of landmarks, but you can also  move  them manually. 

Sections, cutting planes, frontal, sagittal and transversal planes.

Possibility to import and overlay X-Ray on the 3D acquisition.

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2 daily exams = monthly income of $6,000 ($300x20 days)

Capital equipment cost  =  $638x60 (6 months NO payments)

Allowable Tax Savings  =  $9,504

Return On Investment  =  840%

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