This technology has literally changed the way I practice biomechanics in my office. It's also been a huge adjunct to my surgical practice, both pre and post-op.  The technology possessed by Sensor Medica is state of the art using a full and complete analysis of the foot changes and stresses in both static and dynamic phases of walking and running.  The information obtained through gait lines and pressure lines and many other pieces of data, while the foot is in motion, allows the creation of devices with the highest precision of orthotic design.  It has no legitimate rival or competitor. 

Karson Howard, Doctor of Podiatric Medicine - USA

“A group of people who, before the technical qualities, expressed his human qualities, in terms of courtesy, discretion, willingness and availability. Besides the natural commercial interests, they reveal an enthusiasm and a passion that cannot be measured but which are perceived. From the technical point of view, the aesthetic elegance of their systems is a prelude to practical efficiency of their use, which is gradually renewed and extended, thanks to their ear that hears who really uses these systems every day for real patients.  I would never outsource this comment if I had not feel it.”

Luca Avagnina - Sports Medicine Podiatrist  - Founder & President SIPS - Italy/Spain

"When many years ago we chose Sensor Medica, we realized that we had found the right partner for our business objectives. We are industry leaders and we need the utmost expertise and a company at the forefront of scientific and technical research. The availability of Andrea and his staff also is undoubtedly a great added value."

Roberto Ruggiero - Orthopedics - Italy

"freeStep is a very user friendly software, easy to use and quite intuitive, the data can be easily consulted.

About EasyCAD I can only speak well: it is a very versatile software that allows you to do everything you may need."

Enrico Cividino - Porzio Orthopedics - Italy

"The Sensor Medica system is easy to use and delivered high quality, repeatable and customer compliant orthotics. I am able to use my RS-Scan data when designing my orthotics ensuring my existing IT investment is being well used moving forward.”

Roland Toogood O&P - South Africa

"The software offered by Sensor Medica are excellent, intuitive and high scientific content. The hardware components are highly resistant and with performance that do not have equal. The after sales service, training and support is very efficient. Great company, highly recommended."

Dr. Angelo Costantiello - CEO LOM - Italy

"SENSOR MEDICA is an excellent young and dynamic company, always looking for innovations, and offers excellent products and a rapid and efficient service.  In my work i use Freestep, a versatile software that combines multiple functions in a single program, powerful and easy to use."

Giuliano Carrara - Podiatry Clinic - Italy

“I design my orthotics and simply drop box them.  The next day I get my order in my post box - it is awesome! The easyCAD software is both powerful and flexible and I can choose from several workflows when designing patient orthotics.  This allows me to marry functionality and speed of design, with the easy data capture.  In my old workflow I was spending 2 to 3 hours per day making orthotics, I now spend 2 to 3 hours per week doing the same thing.  My wife is loving the new me!”

Stuart Alexander Podiatrist - South Africa

“We chose Sensor Medica because the system is flexible, easy to use and very stable. There are no hidden costs or a post purchase “fees per orthotic” and we can either use their EVA or source our own.  The support and training given by them has been excellent.  Our system went live on 9th January 2013 and in the first month we milled over 100 pairs of orthotics.”

Vernon Lever Podiatrist - South Africa

“Sensor Medica CAD-CAM system has exceeded all my expectations.  The training, back up and support by them (both onsite, as well as online) has been superlative.  Most importantly, patient feedback has been phenomenal!”

Warren Amler Podiatrist - South Africa

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