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Video Motion Analysis Software

Video Motion Analysis Software Catches Subtle Details

A key approach in evaluation of a patient’s walk and movement propulsion involves looking at all aspects of the movement, not just one element.

Video motion analysis software produces not only a real-time recording of one’s movement, it also gives a computer the ability to slow down and digitize the motion for minute, accurate analysis with algorithms. The process in turn contributes to the technology-assistance evaluation of what exactly is happening with a patient’s mobility.

In turn, experts are able to hone in on and pinpoint problems far faster and more accurately as well as produce better treatment and orthotics aids as needed for patients.

Sensor Medica’s approach towards foot health, walking and gait analysis includes video motion analysis software output within its evaluation package, and the results tell a full story from which doctors and therapists can work with patients on serious improvements.


Movement Analysis Software Enhances Motion Review


How and when you move along with initiative and hesitation all produce a detailed description of what’s going on with your body.

Things like old injuries, a spine misalignment, an unknown but growing condition, or the effects of age can all cause changes in how we move and perform motion activities in our daily lives.

The results give off a book’s worth of information if we understand and learn how to interpret those signals.

However, without the right tools, much of that information goes unheard.

At Sensor Medica, patients receive far more than they could imagine in terms of details about what their mobility is saying.

That’s due to the movement analysis software inherent in Sensor Medica’s tools and systems used for evaluations.

That same information can be used for producing medical aid products, treatment, diagnosis, and fundamentally making a person’s life better overall with improved motion.

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